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The world is transforming into a global village and needs executives who can navigate smoothly across cultures.

Globalisation is changing the world in every aspect. Traditional industrial economies are transforming into entrepreneurial economies.
There is a need for leaders, entrepreneurs, directors, managers, government officials, consultants and executives with global mindset skills, e.g. the skills for profound relations management with people from different cultures and with different values.
Local companies are becoming international and must deal, directly or indirectly, with foreign business partners. They must cooperate with international clients, colleagues, stakeholders, agents, employees, etc. There is a need for soft skills to recognise similarities and appreciate differences.
In the entrepreneurial economy, companies are becoming smaller, international, less hierarchical, process oriented, diverse and are driven by abilities of executives to communicate, collaborate and abilities for co-creation.

Global Mindset Executives have:
  • A cosmopolitan outlook: understanding of global systems, global value chains, cultures, values, political and economic systems in other countries;
  • Mindfulness skills: understanding of diversity, communication and building relationships with people from different cultures and background.

ProtocolToday is fully equipped to facilitate and support executives and organisations in the private and public sector in mastering global mindset skills to cooperate efficiently with executives and organisations around the world.
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